Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Carbon Dating and the Second Law

The beginning of this show will involve clearing up the common Creationist misconception involving the Second Law of Thermodynamics. During the science part of the show I will explain how the process of Carbon Dating works, and the examples commonly cited by Creationists who try to discredit Carbon Dating will be addressed as well.

Carbon Dating and the Second Law

Some more info on Carbon-Dating:

I apologize for the short podcast! The next one will be longer. It's hard to find quiet time, as my room has no door so the sound carries…

EDIT: I have recently posted the paper I wrote dealing with the 2nd L.O.T. (Law of Thermodynamics) claim of Creationists. Here is the Second Law Paper in full. Click the link to download. Unfortunately, some of the more complex formulas that were basically drawings did not show up. They were two calculations involving the inverse square law I believe. If you find any calculation errors let me know and I will correct them.


Blogger Elijahovah said...

Carbon 14 errs by 20,000 years
Day one when light from the sun hits a global ocean in 46,000 BC as 48,000 years will falsely date as 68,000-70,000 years of microbes and ocean plankton. Day 3 of land and first land vegetation in 32,000 BC will date as 52,000 BC. Day 4 of 25,000 BC animals will date as 45,000 BC. We are talking carbon and organics not mineral washed into organics. This 20,000 err applies to Adam who at 930 died in 3096 BC and would date as 23,096 BC if found. So humans who are less than 6000 years can be found back to 23,000 BC. Jericho is 2237 BC but dates as 7000 BC. But then we have a reverse because of school politics. Peleg of Ur's mass suicide tombs date as 2030 BC. But Egypt says Peleg and Unas died the same miscalculated year 2321 BC and so egyptologists would not accept carbon 14 in 1955 unless they conformed a correction to it. That correction was the dendrochronology they happened to fit to it. However, it is the trees who went thru a disaster of havoc weather for 100-150 years during the ice cap created by the Flood which was ten times bigger and took 50 years just to melt off of wisconsin which then dates this 2321 BC as 10,000 BC. So the real 2320 BC is saying 10,000 and the real 2030 BC they want to force back to 2320 BC. They create a wave up and down to a line that is merely one sharp curve, namely God cutting longevity by putting carbon 14 nto all organic DNA.

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Blogger amy said...

Identify the current methods for measuring the age of Earth and its parts, including the law of superposition and radioactive dating.

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