Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Questions

I will be answering even more questions this episode.

More Questions


Blogger isefra said...

Thanks for including me again. Even though my wording of what I meant was kind of dumb. Well anyway to help you not waste time, Im probably not going to ask any more questions. :-] It seems you already have a lot to work with everyone elses questions which are much better than mine. Anyway, Best Wishes with your show otherwise. Though you probably wont be hearing from me anymore.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Lucretius said...

Excuse me, Kathyrn, but what is this?

Why is my head plastered on to Jesus'? I shut down the forums here precisely because you and your friend were doing nothing but spamming it; so you then make a blog with me as your background?

I'd say I've been fairly tolerant of the rather weird behavior you and your friend have exerted towards me, but this is taking it too far. I am asking that you remove the image of me.

6:09 PM  
Blogger isefra said...

Okay sorry... Ill make him take it off if hes on. :/ tonight... He made the forum so I cant change it myself.

We just do things for fun. Its not really meant to personally offend or anything.

We actually like your show. Well at least I found it amusing because I didnt understand a word of it.

7:20 AM  
Blogger isefra said...

Robert, Spraybottle says he will behave and be serious and nonspammy if you put your board back up. He will take away the background but you must promise to either come to our board or to open the boards back up. If you come to our boards then there can be a fun section and serious discussion section. Spraybottle has even offered to make you moderator of the new Big Bang And Creationism section

6:42 PM  
Blogger Lucretius said...

I'll have to decline on that. One shouldn't be polite if only to get a reward out of it. I shouldn't have to join your forum or put one back up here for you two to act civil.

10:21 PM  
Blogger isefra said...

Oh yes, rewarding people for their positive behavior is such a reprehensible thing isnt it? -_-

Youre certainly going to be a great father someday. lol.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Lucretius said...

Rewarding people for doing good things is not something I am against. What I am against is you doing a BAD thing and then demanding reward when I ask that you rescind it.

There is a difference between a good deed and doing something bad just to try and sucker me into doing what you want in return for you taking back the said bad thing.

Don't confuse the two.

6:29 PM  
Blogger isefra said...

^_^ And how about if we just said we were sorry ?

9:42 PM  
Blogger RC Metcalf said...

Hi Robert,

I've listened to several (but not all, yet) of your podcasts and I must say I find your comments refreashing. Nevertheless, while refreshing in your approach, I would contend that you are mistaken about quite a few things. I was going to send you an e-mail, however I thought your other bloggers may wish to throw in their comments to my forthcoming suggestion.

Let me give you some background on me... I am a Christian and also a scientist (not to be confused with an oxymoronic "Christian Scientist"). I was raised in a completely atheist home, so I tend to buck the trend that folks like Harris and Dawkins like to proclaim, that most people become Christians because they are taught Christianity as children.

I recently finished a book entitled "Letter to a Christian Nation: Counter Point," which as you may have guessed, is a response to Sam Harris. It is one of three response books by different authors, each providing a unique perspective: a theologian (Doug Wilson) , a historian (Mike Leahy), and a scientist (yours truly).

I, too, have a podcast going, though mine is newer than yours with only 3 episodes thus far. It's entitles "Think Again with RC Metcalf." Now to my question...

What would you (and your listeners) think of the two of us producing a series of podcasts in something of a debate format? "Deuling Podcasts" if you will... We both try to air something weekly in response to the others most recent broadcast. Our responses wouldn't take up the entire half hour, so as to leave room for listeners' questions.

Let me know what you think... and please... everyone else on this blog, chime in, too!

All the best,

4:40 PM  
Blogger Lucretius said...


This sounds like just what my podcast needs; a little debate action.

I'll make a new thread on the blog for your post, and ask about the idea in the next show, which should come out sometime next week.

Is there anything specifically you want to debate on, or is it a sort of all-around religious debate?

Take care,

6:29 PM  
Blogger RC Metcalf said...


Well, I'm happy to take suggestions from listeners, so we can entertain their ideas once we get some. In the meantime, we could begin with something that I hear questioned a lot. Where does morality come from? How do we account for moral behavior on Darwinian naturalism?

Or we could discuss Stephen Jay Gould's NOMA concept, which is one area where we differ. I agree with Dawkins (rarely, but on this one I do...) that if the God hypothesis has any hope of being validated it must be testable scientifically. Dawkins wrote in The God Delusion, "God's existence or non-existence is a scientific fact about the universe, discoverable in principle if not in practice." I believe that Dawkins is on the right track.

So, there are a couple of suggestions to get us started. Perhaps when you produce your next podcast you could put out those suggestions and one or two of your own and see what the listeners think. I'll keep a watch on the blog for responses.

(Go ahead and copy this to the new thread, if you like. I'll be away from the computer most of the day tomorrow, but I wanted to give you some feedback before I hit the sack.) Goodnight!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Lucretius said...

Sorry for the long delay.

I've had a terrible flu/maybe Strep for the past week so I've been doing as little as possible. Got some medicine and it seems to be working so today I'm feeling a bit more able to do stuff.

Tried to get back to you yesterday but for some reason blogger wouldn't log me on on my father's computer. Oh well, works now.

I'll try and get the new post up today. Sorry again for the wait.

1:37 PM  

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