Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get Ready... for some new episodes

Well, after two quarters of school I've finally decided to bring back The Big Bang and Creationism podcast. I noticed I still had quite a few subscribers and... well... I've been quite active at my college in terms of promoting evolution and arguing with Creationists, etc. I've also learned quite a bit in my physics class — recently we covered Thermodynamics, which is what I am going to make the first come-back show on.

So, look forward to a podcast coming out sometime soon — hopefully within a week and a half. I've got to get all my old information and remember how to upload the podcasts etc. and my computer is at my dorm (but break is over in 6 days).

So, hopefully a lot of you who were subscribed are still interested in the show — feel free to e-mail me with questions — I'd be more than happy to try and address them for the show.

Looking forward to putting out a new podcast,


EDIT: I am having trouble getting logged onto OurMedia (imagine that...), hopefully I can resolve the situation. The podcast is already made and good to go.