Monday, July 23, 2007


Sorry, no new podcast yet. Amazing how little time I have after working 35-40 hour work weeks! I'll draw up an episode before the week is out, hopefully have it out thursday or friday (my days off). In other exciting news for the show:

1) I am planning to host a lecture in my hometown about evolutionary theory. I will try to get video recording of it, and put it in video podcast format so you all can see the real-life me in action :)

2) I have spoken with Tom Bridgman, who has co-authored a paper with G.P. Jellison on the variable speed of light claim; I am going to try and formulate some good questions and have him for an interview, which he would be glad to do again!

3) For those of you that think the show is one-sided; I've managed to (probably) get a Creationist on the show. A recent website, , has come up claiming to be able to "absolutely destroy" the theory of evolution. Though I sincerely doubt this claim, as I've heard it before by other Creationists, they seemed like a good place to start getting Creationist guests. They should respond to me within the week. It's not Ken Ham, Carl Wieland, or Kent Hovind, but it'll do for now!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quantum Cosmology

The Big Bang singularity is not the very origin of our universe. Developments in quantum cosmology have shown us that the Big Bang singularity does not actually exist, and the universe continues on prior to what classically appears as the beginning of the universe. This podcast analyzes quantum cosmology.

Quantum Cosmology